LLewellyn Hoxton Diggs.

Short Biographical Note

Lew Diggs is an independent management consultant whose career has spanned wire service news reporting, corporate public affairs, marketing and strategic planning. He has worked on major projects with an IT consulting house, an international NGO, an international development contractor and Canadian financial institutions, including the Royal Bank of Canada and Montreal Exchange.

In the field of international criminal law and human rights, Lew Diggs teamed up with Elise Groulx (his wife) to develop a strategic plan and policy speeches for the International Criminal Defence Association (ICDAA). In recent years, they have consulted on the issue of the criminal liability of multinational corporations operating in conflict zones and countries with repressive regimes. He is doing research on conflict economies with a military peace building expert at the Royal Military College of Canada.


Lew Diggs is an independent strategy consultant with expertise in the areas of marketing, thought leadership and senior business writing. He works with business and professional leaders to articulate high-impact ideas, business strategies and future visions.

In strategy consulting, Lew Diggs has contributed to strategy development at Canada’s largest bank, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) and an international development consulting house. In thought leadership, Lew Diggs worked with an IT consulting firm to write two business books about the economic value of information technology and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. He has also worked as a senior business writer with the Montreal Exchange during the period when it became a public company and then merged with the TSX Group in 2008 to create an integrated Canadian financial exchange group.

Lew Diggs was educated at Brown University (BA in anthropology and history) and Oxford University (MA in philosophy and politics) in the 1970s. He earned an MBA from Concordia University in 1991.

He began his career as a journalist covering Quebec politics and legal affairs during the 1970s, a period of heated political controversy over the issue of Quebec sovereignty. He moved on to work in public affairs at two major international banks, Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank of Canada, where he wrote speeches with senior executives on sensitive public issues, including: the future of electronic financial services, privacy protection, the developing country debt crisis and the world trading system. He wrote and managed production of a series of award winning annual reports, developing in-depth knowledge of financial reporting and communications processes in a multinational corporation.

After doing an Executive MBA, he became an independent strategy consultant, working with a variety of clients: Royal Bank of Canada; DMR Consulting, an international management and IT consulting house; the Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance; Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI), a US development assistance consultant; the International Criminal Defence Attorneys Association (ICDAA), an NGO for international criminal lawyers; the Montreal Exchange, the Canadian financial derivatives exchange.

Lew Diggs helps leaders articulate their organizations’ positions on a range of business, public policy and economic issues. He thrives on teamwork with professional experts from economics, accounting, finance, information technology and the legal world.

He works in English and French, with clients in Canada and the United States.